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Services - Design Development

  • Provide ongoing advice in relation to building regulatory requirements.
  • Review the developing design and identify non-complying items and alert the design team to these and potential solutions as early as possible.
  • Liaison and coordination of a Fire safety engineered solutions and acceptance criteria.
  • Advise on documents required for staged approvals and certification to suit the Project Programme.
  • Advise the Project Manager and Consultant Team on regulatory issues that may affect design.
  • Liaise with the Council Building Surveyor and other Authorities as necessary.
  • Advise the minimum amount of documentation required for stage approvals and possible staging break-ups.
  • Prepare and lodge applications for modification to the Building Referees to meet the requirements of the Programme.
  • Ensure all design documentation complies with the requirements of the Fire Authority and obtain its approval.
  • Up date Building Approval/Compliance design report.
  • Attend and report to Project Control Group meetings (where requested).
  • Provide such other documents as are necessary to fulfil the requirements of the Design Development phase.

    General Services
    Schematic Design
    Construction Documentation Phase
    Construction Phase