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Services - Construction Documentation Phase

  • Provide ongoing advice in relation to building regulatory requirements.
  • Review the construction documentation and identify non-complying items and alert the design team to these and potential solutions as early as possible.
  • Advise if necessary on documents required for staged approvals and certification to suit the Project Programme.
  • Advise the Project Manager and Consultant Team on regulatory issues that may affect design.
  • Liaise with the Council Building Surveyor and other Authorities as necessary.
  • Provide a list of documentation required for stage approvals and possible staging break-ups.
  • Prepare and lodge applications for modification to the Building Referees as necessary to meet the requirements of the Programme.
  • Grant dispensations within the Building Surveyor's discretion.
  • Ensure all design documentation complies with the requirements of the Fire Authority and obtain its stamped approved drawings.
  • Ensure that all building approvals (staged) are issued to fit in with the Project Programme and not delay the works.
  • Update Building Approval/Compliance design report.
  • Collate all documentation pertaining to building approvals.
  • Certify Plans and Specifications and issue building approvals at various stages, after making all due inquiries and receiving all necessary reports to comply with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and all other relevant Regulations.
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